We have three models that are available to be customized to your desired specifications.  They are the McKee Craft Classic 14, the Classic 16 and the Bay Classic 185.  Please contact us at info@mckeecraft.com if you have any specific questions.

Classic 14


Length: 14'

Beam: 5'7"

Draft: 7"

Approximate Boat Dry Weight: 665 lbs

Maximum Weight Capacity: 890 lbs

Persons Capacity: 4

Maximum Power: 65 hp

Recommended Power: 50 hp

Minimum Power: 25 hp

Fuel Capacity: Portable Tanks

Interior Freeboard: 15"


Classic 14 Captain (Pictured below) - Includes two comfortable captains chairs plus a rear bench seat and a side console with mechanical steering.

Currently in stock and ready for immediate delivery!


Classic 14 Tiller (Pictured below) - Our entry level model has one bench seat and is intended to be used with a tiller motor.

The base boat can be upgraded and customized just about any way that you want. For example, we can do two rows of bench seating, one bench plus two captains chairs and a side console, a center console, or we can even do no benches if you need a great little work boat.


Classic 16


Length:  16'

Beam:  6'7"

Draft: 9"

Approximate Boat Dry Weight: 990 lbs

Maximum Weight Capacity: 1,370 lbs

Persons Capacity: 6

Maximum Power: 115 hp

Recommended Power: 70 hp

Minimum Power: 40 hp

Fuel Capacity: Portable Tanks

Interior Freeboard: 18"


Bay Classic 185


Length: 18'4"

Beam: 7'0"

Draft: 11"

Approximate Boat Dry Weight: 1,560 lbs

Maximum Weight Capacity: 1,640 lbs

Persons Capacity: 8

Maximum Power: 150 hp

Recommended Power: 115 hp

Minimum Power: 70 hp

Fuel Capacity: 35 gallons

Interior Freeboard: 19"