Producers of McKee Craft unsinkable fiberglass boats.

McKee Craft, LLC offers high quality unsinkable fiberglass boats.  The company produces these new McKee Craft boats using the molds that were purchased from the liquidation auction of the assets from the company that previously produced the McKee Craft boats. (But please bear in mind that we are an entirely separate company and have no relation to that previous company.)

The new McKee Craft currently only produces cathedral hull style boats (as opposed to the v hull style boats such as the McKee Craft Marathon 172, Marathon 184, Marathon 196, Freedom 22, Freedom 24 or Freedom 28 boats that were previously produced under the McKee Craft name). Please see the "Models" page to see more details about the boats that we offer.  McKee Craft currently only sells our boats on a factory direct basis in order to help keep the price to our customers as low as possible.

If you are looking for a v hull style boat, you should contact Aegis Unsinkable Boats since that company licenses the molds that were previously used to produce those v hull McKee Craft boat models mentioned above.  Please click on the following link to see information about the boats that Aegis is now building.